My general philosophy of care centers around partnering with patients to apply a variety of methods in helping them on their path towards wellness.  In the true sense of the word I use integrative approaches.  

          My medical school training as a D.O. informs my approach in terms of the Osteopathic philosophy which notes that the body has the innate ability and intelligence to heal itself when aligned properly. Alignment is both a physical and mental/emotional concept and can be found via many paths.  D.O.'s. or osteopaths are fully trained and licensed physicians who complete medical training and residencies, and are board certified just as M.D.'s are in the United States.  

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          My process for assessments is based in a practice of functional medicine.  Functional medicine is a system of assessing a patients physical, mental and emotional condition in the context of their life and partnering to make treatment plans that help them shift into greater wellness and health.  It addresses the underlying causes of disease, aims towards prevention and whole health and is rooted in sustainable lifestyle practices and supportive therapies. 

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          I also use information from various other modalities and philosophies in my care including food based medicine, yoga, tai chi, herbal medicine, homeopathic and nutritional based therapies.


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Dr. Katherine Kessler, D.O.

Integral Wellness Psychiatry